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  SCITECH-L is a LISTSERV Discussion List for science technicians in schools and colleges.

The List is intended to be used for the dissemination of good practice, and to assist subscribers in resolving problems related to all aspects of the teaching of the science in schools and colleges.

Subscription is entirely FREE.

NOTE:   If you are already a SCITECH-L subscriber and have a problem with the service, then have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page for some help.

What is a LISTSERV Discussion List ?

Link to Listserv at LSoftA Discussion List is simply a list of people (all with email access of some kind) who have some interest in common.

Essentially LISTSERV (a software package) acts as the hub of a Discussion List.

Anyone with an opinion, problem, request, etc. simply sends one email to the LISTSERVER, which then automatically makes copies of your message and sends them to all of the people who are currently subscribed.

Replies can then be directed back to the LISTSERVER (and subsequently re-distributed) if they are of general interest. Or alternatively recipients can reply directly to the sender.

Picture showing flow of emails in a discusion list

How would I use the SCITECH-L Discussion List ?

Essentially there are three ways which you could use SCITECH-L

  1. By default the Listserver will send you mail messages individually, as they are received and processed.

  2. If you have limited access to a PC you may prefer to receive a digest (a weekly compilation of all postings to the list in one large message) each Friday.

  3. Or you may switch off email delivery altogether, and simply follow the discussions via the Web Interface.

Full details will, of course, be emailed to you when you subscribe.

How do I join the SCITECH-L Discussion List ?

All science technicians are welcome to join the Discussion List. Subscription is entirely free. However, the list is not intended for others. Consequently subscription rs requires a letter (on paper carrying the school/college letterhead, and preferably bearing the school stamp) to be sent to the list organisers :

Robin & Maz
1 Chaucer Street
United Kingdom

The letter should clearly state the name of the intended subscriber together with his/her email address (a telephone number is also useful in case there are problems with the email address).

SCITECH-L is included in the CataList Catalogue of Lists compiled by LSoft International.

If you have any queries about the SCITECH-L Discussion List please email us.